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Supplies of different types are used during a move for packing the different equipments to be moved. Having the required supplies for a move will guarantee that all the equipments are moved in a safe and secure manner to their expected destination. Some of the supplies needed while moving are listed below.

Different sizes and types of moving boxes are required while moving. The moving boxes should be strong enough to hold heavy items such as books. You should also have moving boxes which are large enough for packing the light and bulky items such as blankets, pillows and toys.

You also need some special boxes for hanging clothes which are not meant to be folded. Together with the moving boxes, you should also have a supply of packing tape and packing paper that are going to be used together with the moving boxes. The number of moving boxes will be determined by the amount of equipments that are going to be moved.

Other supplies that are needed while moving are the packing paper, foam wrap, bubble wrap and packing peanut which are used inside the package to avoid damage to the equipments. Delicate items such as breakables and documents require the use of these supplies so as to ensure the safety of the item.

The foam wrap is used to ensure that the surface of the equipments is protected from damage. The packing peanuts are used to fill the spaces left by the equipment so as to ensure that there is no swaying inside the moving box which might damage the equipments. The bubble wrap is used to cushion the equipments from potential damage during transit.

You also require glass and dish pack kits which are used to divide the moving boxes so as to keep some distance on some delicate items such as glasses and dishes. They usually come with form sleeves which ensure that there is a good space between the items and ensure that they are not damaged during the move.

Special moving boxes and cages should be used for moving plants and pets. The plants should be packed in large boxes with enough open space for sunlight and fresh air to flow. Pets should be placed in special cages hat are comfortable and well aerated to avoid discomfort for the pets.

Other essential supplies that are required in moving are dust covers which are used to prevent damage on mattresses, tables, chairs and other furniture while on the move. Also furniture pads are required while transporting furniture to protect them from chipping off after colliding with other equipments.

Blankets are also essential to protect various items while moving. Delicate items such as vases and pots should be wrapped in blankets so as to protect them from colliding with other equipments which might break them.

While packing, you should also ensure that it is done well so as to avoid damage to the equipment. Moving boxes should be arranged in such a way that the heavy equipments are placed at the bottom while lighter and more delicate equipments are placed at the top of the box to avoid breakage.

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